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Frequently Asked Questions


What are promotional products?

Promotional products are items that are branded with a company’s name, logo, or message. These items can range from apparel and small items like pens, to larger objects like mugs and water bottles.


How can promotional products benefit my business?

Promotional products can help spread awareness about your business and create a favourable impression among customers. By handing out branded items, people will become more aware of your company and may be more likely to remember you in the future. Additionally, they serve as an inexpensive way to market since they are relatively low-cost compared to other forms of advertising.


What types of promotional products are available?

There is a wide variety of promotional products available that suit different budgets and uses. Popular options include t-shirts, hats, mugs, pens, bags, keychains and USB drives. People also like receiving useful items that have practical applications such as umbrellas or flashlights.


How do I choose the right type of promotional products for my business?

When selecting a promotional product for your business it is important to consider who your target audience is and what kind of item would be relevant or appealing to them. It is also important to think about how the item will be used in terms of cost effectiveness based on its durability and usefulness.



We Are A Corporate Branding Consultancy

We help and advise to develop bespoke and stock merchandise solutions for all types of business....

By getting to know you and your brand we will offer solutions to fulfil your marketing and budget needs.

Not only do we look at what products to offer, we consider your logo, how products need to be packaged, CSR, and lead-times, our industry experience allows us to offer the best overall solution not just the best price.

It’s all about your business and us tailoring the solution for your brand.