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Branded Stationery

Customise stationery with your corporate design for a consistent brand image for your employees. Our selection of branded stationery products are sure to brighten up your office or serve as useful and practical gifts. Branded stationery has been hugely popular in the promotional merchandising market because…everyone still loves a nice notebook and pen.




Branded Reusable Drinkware Products

Perfect for every season and to suit all events and budgets. The perfect corporate and lifestyle product for everyday use. Discover from our range of the best-selling drinkware products, including branded travel mugs, water bottles and more. Designed for on the move, your branded products will travel further than just the event it was intended for.



New £1 Trolley Coin Keyring Token

Branded Trolley Coin Keyrings

New style £1 trolley coin keyrings - popular, practical budget gifts. This type of branded merchandise is popular with shoppers and at larger events. They are easy to distribute and a great for giving people something practical and useful. Coupled with the fact they are such low-cost, it’s the perfect way to raise awareness for your brand.


Colour match Marrow mug

Branded Ceramic Mugs

At JDR, we can colour match your branded mugs, adding a contrast colour to create a bespoke look for your brand to stand out from the crowd. With the re-useable drinkware products designed for on the move, the branded ceramic mugs make the perfect promotional product for universities, business events and tradeshows. These mugs have a large section to personalise, which helps place your brand’s messaging directly into the hands of potential customers.



Colour match notebooks, option to create a bespoke look and feel both internally and externally, Low miniumm quantities and a quick leadtime

Branded Notebooks

Notebooks, still one of our most popular products, with so many variations to suit all events and budgets. From stock options to colour matched, bespoke creations, get your brand name out there in a practical way, each and every day. Our selection of branded notebooks are perfect for employees who prefer the traditional style of note making, or serve as a constant reminder to other business professionals you meet at corporate events.



Promotional ball pens

Branded Promotional Ball Pens

Promotional ball pens with colour contrast trim, create a bespoke look to compliment your logo and other products in your marketing range. Promotional pens are a staple of the branded advertising product range and is often the greatest way to get branded exposure with regular, consistent, and classic day-to-day promotion.



Charger Cable

Branded Charger Cables

Charger Cables, always a popular, welcome gift for corporate and lifestyles uses. A very on trend gift with various packaging options to further enhance your company message. Once again, some of the most effective forms of promotional merchandise are those that are genuinely useful to the potential client and having a charger cable for their smartphone is a sure-fire way to get positive brand messaging out there.


Mini Footballs

Branded Mini Footballs

Footballs are always a fun giveaway, especially this year with the Women’s Euros this summer and the Men’s World Cup at the end of the year. Mini footballs, with a choice of design layouts, can be produced in your company colours for use in promotions and event giveaways. Celebrate the international tournaments this year with a branded twist.