How Merchandise Consultants Can Help You Measure Your ROI from Branded Merchandising

ROI, (Return on Investment) is often at the forefront of anyone's mind when it comes to deploying a marketing campaign – so how can you measure ROI for campaigns which include promotional products? 


 ROI (Return on Investment) - JDR Branding


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The Best Promotional Products for Valentine’s Day 2023

February, the month we all welcome into our hearts. Christmas is a distant memory and January, the longest month of the year, let’s face it for everyone, is over with. Days are getting longer, weather is a tad warmer, we’re getting a spring back in our step and the yearly event calendar is kicking off again.


Valentines Day Truffles

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How Company Merch Can Boost Employee Retention in 2023

As we move, once again, to a new hybrid way of working, it's predicted that a greater number of people are looking to switch jobs due to commute times, the increase of days back in the office, and the search for a greater work- life balance post-pandemic. Staff retention is becoming increasingly important for many employers across many industries.

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The Importance of Eco Friendly Merchandising

Sustainable promotional products are a great way to show your clients that you too are serious about climate change and the effects it is having on our planet.  Eco-friendly merchandise can consist of reusable water bottles and travel mugs, tote bags and t-shirts with sustainably sourced cotton, even tech items such as USB sticks and battery packs, made using recycled or sustainable alternative materials. And because these items are reusable, your brand presence continues with every use. Your company is also seen as a brand that cares and can be a real taking point to those who see the branded products.


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Why You Should be Using Merchandise Consultants

You know what you need to get as giveaways or promotional products for your next big corporate event or exhibition, but along with everything else to organise, you just simply don’t have the time to resource it all. It’s there shouting at you on your ‘To do’ list, but it just keeps getting de-prioritised whilst you sort out everything else and you’re running out of time to source it all. Then when you do get the time you find yourself fleeting from supplier to supplier, quantities changing almost hourly and the worry of ‘will it arrive on time’ it can all be rather stressful. And no one wants added stress in their lives. That’s why some businesses use a merchandise consultancy like JDR Branding Ltd.


JDR Branding Hoodie

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Corporate Merchandising Solutions for the World Cup

For some, it's like Marmite. Love it or hate it, it's the World Cup 2022. Yes, once again 'Football Fever' has grabbed the nation. And this year, because of the time of year it's happening, Christmas is momentarily 'on hold' as it's all about the love for the big game.


World Cup Trophy

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Why You Need Effective Brand Merchandising Solutions


When most people think of branded items the instant thought is pens, keyrings, and notebooks. We’re used to seeing these every day. They are, of course, a very useful and cost-effective way to get your branding in front of people. Alongside these, the next ‘go to’ items are often branded clothing and bags, but with a little imagination and collaboration with the team at JDR Branding we can help you source or create an unusual and maybe unexpected promotional gift. 


JDR Branding Notebook

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5 Corporate Giveaway Ideas for Christmas in 2022

We all love receiving gifts, especially during the festive season and it’s always so nice to receive something unexpected during this busy time as we all wind down for the year. A thank you for someone’s continued support throughout the year, a time to reflect on the work you’ve done together. This small token of appreciation goes a long way, so step into the JDR Branding grotto and discover 5 corporate giveaway ideas for Christmas this year.


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Unique, But Surprisingly Effective Branded Items for Business

When you think of branded merchandise you'll often think of branded notepads and pens. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. They can be a highly effective way of providing a constant reminder of your business to your client, and they are often very well received as they are always useful.


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The Best Corporate Promotional Gifts in 2022

Corporate promotional gifts are a great way to get your brand in front of current clients, as a reminder of your business, and potential clients, as an introduction. Our experienced team at JDR Branding can offer a range of ideas and source interesting, useful, and often unique branded merchandise to meet your needs and budget. There are some great products available right now, here’s just some of the items we think are the best corporate promotional items for 2022.


JDR Chocolate Truffles

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