Boosting Manufacturing Workplace Morale and Safety with Company Promotional Items

In the dynamic manufacturing industry, where a motivated workforce and a safe working environment are essential for success, leveraging the power of company promotional items can make a significant impact. In this blog, we will explore how manufacturers can use branded promotional products to recognise and appreciate their employees, boost workplace morale, and reinforce a culture of safety. 


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Eco friendly branded item replacements this summer for your business

Sustainability and eco-friendliness have become increasingly important in today's world, not only for ethical reasons but also for businesses' profitability. By adopting sustainable practices, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and attract environmentally conscious customers. In this article, we'll introduce the concept of using eco-friendly branded items as non-compromising replacements for traditional promotional items, focusing on the perfect products for this Summer.

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The Power of Personalisation in Branded Merch

Branded merch has long been a powerful tool for building brand awareness and customer loyalty. From t-shirts, to mugs, to notepads, businesses have used branded items to showcase their logo, increase visibility, and engage customers. But with so many companies competing for attention, how can businesses ensure their branded merchandise stands out from the competition? The answer is personalisation, but remember its not always what you do, but the way that you do it!


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The Dos and Don'ts of Designing Effective Company Merchandise

Creating effective company merchandise can be a challenging yet rewarding task. Not only does it serve as a branding tool and marketing strategy, but it can also help build a loyal customer base, and even improve employee retention. However, in order for your merchandise to be effective, it must be designed with intention and purpose.


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JDR Branding’s Corporate Gifting Guide for 2023

When it comes to developing connections with your clients, partners, and employees, corporate gifting is something that cannot be overlooked as it helps build strong relationships between different companies, promote loyalty among customers and staff members and create a lasting impression of the brand in the minds of everyone who receives a gift. But what exactly is corporate gifting? Why is it important? What should be included in a corporate gift box? Let's take a closer look at these questions.


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How Merchandise Consultants Can Help You Measure Your ROI from Branded Merchandising

ROI, (Return on Investment) is often at the forefront of anyone's mind when it comes to deploying a marketing campaign – so how can you measure ROI for campaigns which include promotional products? 


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The Best Promotional Products for Valentine’s Day 2023

February, the month we all welcome into our hearts. Christmas is a distant memory and January, the longest month of the year, let’s face it for everyone, is over with. Days are getting longer, weather is a tad warmer, we’re getting a spring back in our step and the yearly event calendar is kicking off again.


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How Company Merch Can Boost Employee Retention in 2023

As we move, once again, to a new hybrid way of working, it's predicted that a greater number of people are looking to switch jobs due to commute times, the increase of days back in the office, and the search for a greater work- life balance post-pandemic. Staff retention is becoming increasingly important for many employers across many industries.

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The Importance of Eco Friendly Merchandising

Sustainable promotional products are a great way to show your clients that you too are serious about climate change and the effects it is having on our planet.  Eco-friendly merchandise can consist of reusable water bottles and travel mugs, tote bags and t-shirts with sustainably sourced cotton, even tech items such as USB sticks and battery packs, made using recycled or sustainable alternative materials. And because these items are reusable, your brand presence continues with every use. Your company is also seen as a brand that cares and can be a real taking point to those who see the branded products.


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Why You Should be Using Merchandise Consultants

You know what you need to get as giveaways or promotional products for your next big corporate event or exhibition, but along with everything else to organise, you just simply don’t have the time to resource it all. It’s there shouting at you on your ‘To do’ list, but it just keeps getting de-prioritised whilst you sort out everything else and you’re running out of time to source it all. Then when you do get the time you find yourself fleeting from supplier to supplier, quantities changing almost hourly and the worry of ‘will it arrive on time’ it can all be rather stressful. And no one wants added stress in their lives. That’s why some businesses use a merchandise consultancy like JDR Branding Ltd.


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