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How are you helping to maintain the security of your employees both inside and outside of the office?

Branded Security Kit

Remote and flexible working offers a variety of benefits to businesses, but it can also present a threat to the security of your employee’s devices, your data and organisation. With this type of working being an integral part of how many businesses are now operating, it has never been more important to ensure you are doing all you can to maintain the highest level of cyber security.

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JDR Branding help brands communicate despite postponements

Branded Product dispatch

Conferences, launch events, networking events and expos all provide businesses with a great opportunity to increase their brand exposure. However with recent circumstances forcing many organisations to cancel or postpone their upcoming events, do you have a plan in place to ensure you can still engage with your target audience?

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Are you planning a campaign with branded merchandise?

Running a campaign with branded products is a great tool for businesses looking to engage with their target market, celebrate the launch of a new product or simply increase their brand awareness. When it comes to planning a campaign, many businesses tend to just have the end result in mind. When branded merchandise is involved there are a number of factors that need to be carefully considered. From ideas and concept, through to design and artwork, testing of the product, shipping and delivery, these are all key things that you need to be considering throughout the planning of your campaign.

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What are the benefits of partnering with a supplier?

Brand Merchandise supplier

When it comes to choosing a supplier for your branded merchandise, it is quite common for businesses to opt for online retailers, or suppliers where one off orders are the more ‘cheap and cheerful’ option. To really reap the benefits that branded merchandise has to offer in today’s world, it is about being more intelligent with your branded merchandise and investing rather than just ‘buying’. And a big part of being more intelligent with your branded items is selecting a supplier who can really work with you and meet your needs. This is where partnering with a supplier can really benefit your business. 

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