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Branded Kits: The perfect way to Engage and Protect

Branded Kits

How are you continuing to engage with your clients, prospects and employees during the current pandemic? Branded kits and packs are the perfect solution to help you continue supporting your employees and clients and increase your brand exposure, despite the current challenges. We have been working with clients to help them achieve this, creating a variety of bespoke kits and packs which we have then sent out directly to their clients, delegates and employees at home. Due to the success of these kits, we thought it would be great to share and discuss the variety of bespoke kitting options we can offer.

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Protect Your Staff and Customers with Reusable Face Masks

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a clear need for PPE and in particular face masks. We understand the struggle that many businesses with frontline workers have had in accessing a regular supply of quality goods at this crucial equipment. At JDR, we have been working with suppliers to source this equipment and have a new product available: reusable face masks.

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JDR support clients with PPE and Innovative Ideas during Covid-19 Pandemic

PPE Masks

With the current pandemic forcing many businesses to change how they operate and put increased measures in place to protect both their employees and clients, we have been working alongside our clients to support them in continuing to operate safely.


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Bespoke Banners for Video Conferencing and Webinars

Branded Roller Banner

With the majority of people now working from home, we have designed a bespoke branded banner for you to use when video conferencing, holding a webinar, or joining an online networking group. Use our banner backdrops to create the right environment when speaking to clients, colleagues, contacts, and prospects. You may want to move the conversation online but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your brand message.

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