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Why You Need Effective Brand Merchandising Solutions


When most people think of branded items the instant thought is pens, keyrings, and notebooks. We’re used to seeing these every day. They are, of course, a very useful and cost-effective way to get your branding in front of people. Alongside these, the next ‘go to’ items are often branded clothing and bags, but with a little imagination and collaboration with the team at JDR Branding we can help you source or create an unusual and maybe unexpected promotional gift. 


JDR Branding Notebook

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5 Corporate Giveaway Ideas for Christmas in 2022

We all love receiving gifts, especially during the festive season and it’s always so nice to receive something unexpected during this busy time as we all wind down for the year. A thank you for someone’s continued support throughout the year, a time to reflect on the work you’ve done together. This small token of appreciation goes a long way, so step into the JDR Branding grotto and discover 5 corporate giveaway ideas for Christmas this year.


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