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Why You Should be Using Merchandise Consultants

You know what you need to get as giveaways or promotional products for your next big corporate event or exhibition, but along with everything else to organise, you just simply don’t have the time to resource it all. It’s there shouting at you on your ‘To do’ list, but it just keeps getting de-prioritised whilst you sort out everything else and you’re running out of time to source it all. Then when you do get the time you find yourself fleeting from supplier to supplier, quantities changing almost hourly and the worry of ‘will it arrive on time’ it can all be rather stressful. And no one wants added stress in their lives. That’s why some businesses use a merchandise consultancy like JDR Branding Ltd.


JDR Branding Hoodie

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Corporate Merchandising Solutions for the World Cup

For some, it's like Marmite. Love it or hate it, it's the World Cup 2022. Yes, once again 'Football Fever' has grabbed the nation. And this year, because of the time of year it's happening, Christmas is momentarily 'on hold' as it's all about the love for the big game.


World Cup Trophy

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