4 Years Old


4 years!!!!

JDR Branding is 4 years old this month, time flies when you are having fun, that's what I say!

Thank you to all our clients, suppliers, friends and family who have helped and supported us during this time.

During April we are making 4 great offers and gifts to celebrate.


1st Gift

Hamper basket


Our 1st gift is this wicker hamper filled with edible goodies for your team to share : Cupcakes, Donuts, Flapjacks, Millionaire Shortcake and Brownies.


2nd Anniversary GIft



Our 2nd gift to celebrate our anniversary is your choice of Deckchair for use at home or office, Choose from a single or double seater option with either a rainbow design or we'll create your very own.

It's not what you do... It's the way that you do it!    Enjoy your summer ahead with this great gift.

Changing Landscape of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement


With remote working having proven hugely successful for so many businesses over recent months, it looks as though this will continue to be embraced and implemented on a more permanent basis. 

But what would this mean for employee engagement? 

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Invest to achieve the best: Importance of Quality over Quantity

 Invest in Branded Merchandise


When you think about branded products, it is common for people to think about the ‘traditional’ products such as branded pens and pads, but moving forward and post COVID-19, innovation will be key in helping you to really get the most out of your branded merchandise. 

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Branded Merchandise: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Industry

In this blog, our Director Dawn Rogers discusses the impact that Covid-19 has had on the industry and what the future could look like for branded merchandise, especially in regards to the ways in which businesses will be utilising this powerful tool. 

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Thinking ahead: Planning your campaigns and projects for 2021

Have you started planning ahead for your future campaigns and projects? With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has never been so important to ensure you are planning ahead well in advance and considering every eventuality. 

Branded Face Masks: An intelligent, safe and sustainable solution

Reusable Facemask

As you prepare to return to work and start sourcing vital PPE to provide to your staff, have you considered how you can utilise face masks as an opportunity to represent your brand, whilst continuing to be sustainable? With the Government guidance on wearing masks on public transport, if your teams will be commuting into work, providing them with a pack of essential supplies to protect them whilst on the move is a great way to show them you care. 

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Utilising Reusable Cups and Bottles to overcome new challenges

Reusable bottles

Reusable cups and bottles have become considered somewhat of a ‘staple’ when businesses are looking at what branded products they want to purchase and for good reason. They offer a variety of benefits from helping to create a sense of belonging for staff and helping to reflect your green agenda, to being a useful handout for prospects who are likely to use it on a daily basis, helping to boost brand recognition. Can they now be utilised to help businesses overcome the new challenges that will be presented as a result of Covid-19?

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Planning ahead: Your strategy for communicating and re-engaging following Covid19

Communication Strategy

We have previously discussed some of the key considerations to help ensure your workplace is prepared and safe. It is also important that you are looking at how you will re-engage your clients and prospects and communicate any new changes you have implemented as a result of Covid19.

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